Ken helped me get the best plan including maximum tax subsidy for my ACA plan. When I turned 65 he explained Medicare thoroughly and helped me save money on my supplement and prescription plan. He knows his stuff!  
- Ann Baker

 Ken Rosenberg has been my Health Care insurance agent for a number of years. As a self employed, yet very healthy person, I was willing to " gamble" on a high deductible / lowest premium possible type plan. Ken guided me through various options and "challenged" me on my level of risk tolerance if this type of policy was really going to service my needs. He explained all of the pluses and minuses. So far, I have stayed healthy and used the policy on a very limited basis, as my health care needs have remained fairly negligible. I have been very happy with his help through the years and as I approach Medicare age, I look forward to his assistance though this process too!  
- Herb Goodman

 Ken was a referral to me from a well respected friend. Insurance can be very complicated, sometimes like legal work. I called Ken and I was so impressed with his knowledge and experience! I selected Ken, after meeting several other agents, and I'm so happy I did! Ken has continued to guide me through insurance yearly ~ in ways I can understand, too. I truly value his guidance, patience, time and knowledge! Thanks Ken for all you do!  
- Eileen Nagel